I Need To Write For Half-An-Hour 7.6.18

The more I read about the Bauhaus, the more overlap I find with many of the principles guiding UX design. Jan Tschichold's New Typography, for instance, is perhaps the first popular example of User Experience taking conscious priority over the stylish and ostentatious. Tschichold had an almost existential reverence for written communication, but he recognized that letters themselves are mere vessels for transmitting ideas between humans, they are meaningless as things in themselves.  From his perspective, anything superfluous in the design of the letters was just more 'noise' that distracted from the purity of the 'signal'.  


Serif fonts are full of extraneous and stuffy stylistic extremities. The new, modern Sans-Serif lacks all the pomp and circumstance, it puts maximum emphasis on clarity and the users comfort while reading. 

In Non-Sequitur news, a friend of the families brother got into a car accident and his lifelong friend was killed in the wreckage. My stepfather is now being asked to treat the brother.  He doesn't want to do it because he doesn't like to treat people who are associated with close friends. But they aren't that close, really. I was encouraging him to take it but I don't think he will.